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  • Sandy Reynolds, Mosaics of St. Petersburg

    Sandy Reynolds

    (Bristol, RI) Mosaics of St. Petersburg

  • Judy Messenger, My Little Men

    Judy Messenger

    (Tiverton, RI) My Little Men

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Quilters by the Sea is a vibrant, nonprofit quilting guild based in Rhode Island. With nearly 100 active members, we meet monthly in Portsmouth, RI, to share ideas, techniques, and camaraderie. We also host workshops, talks, shows, and other events designed to develop the art of quilting.

Guild Highlights

  • QBS October Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    Shirley Fisher will be presenting a trunk show on 4 October 2018, “33 years of quilting”.  On Saturday, 6 October 2018, Shirley will conduct a workshop, “perfecting your applique skills”, $35 for the cost of the workshop.  It will be held at St. Philomena’s School from 9:30-3:30.  Please contact Lori Bessette if you are interested […]
  • QBS September Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    What an incredibly hot summer we’ve had this year.  Hopefully, you’ve been able to get some sewing completed in an air-conditioned environment, if not, the fall is upon us and we can enjoy the cooler weather!  Perhaps many of you were able to attend the quilt shows in the area.  Many of our members had […]
  • QBS June Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    Can you believe that we’re now in June?  Graduations, weddings, proms, dance recitals, gardening, vacations and of course finishing up on those quilt projects.  The summer is upon us now after a disappointing spring but there is still plenty of time to work on quilts, especially on a rainy day.  Hopefully you can schedule at […]
  • QBS May Newsletter is Ready to Download
    May is upon us now.  Gardening, graduations, weddings, dance recitals, proms and that’s not including any quilting projects.  OK so I guess everyone is overbooked, overworked, overextended and over exhausted.  Why not chill out and work on one or more of your quilting projects?  A small amount of time each day can chisel away at […]
  • QBS April Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    Thankfully March is now over and Spring can finally begin!  It’s been a rough month for weather but it should have provided you with a decent amount of sewing and quilting time.  Try to finish up on your workshop projects that have been sitting dormant and get ready for those Spring workshops.  We’ll be having […]