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  • Sandy Reynolds, Mosaics of St. Petersburg

    Sandy Reynolds

    (Bristol, RI) Mosaics of St. Petersburg

  • Judy Messenger, My Little Men

    Judy Messenger

    (Tiverton, RI) My Little Men

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Quilters by the Sea is a vibrant, nonprofit quilting guild based in Rhode Island. With nearly 100 active members, we meet monthly in Portsmouth, RI, to share ideas, techniques, and camaraderie. We also host workshops, talks, shows, and other events designed to develop the art of quilting.

Guild Highlights

  • QBS March Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    Can you believe that Spring is right around the corner?  We should be getting ready for the yard work, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day and Saint Joseph’s Day.  Well what about those quilting projects that you put aside this winter?  Have you made any progress on those?  Let’s delve into the UFO closet and start chipping […]
  • QBS February Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    We’re looking forward to the presentation of Pam Weeks from the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM) on February 1st!  Antique Quilts and the story they tell.  Please remember to bring in your antique quilt(s).  If you haven’t printed out the Programs survey, not to worry, there will be surveys on hand at the meeting so […]
  • QBS January Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    Wow, that was quite a snowstorm to start the New Year.  I hope everyone was safe and warm during the storm.  The non-quilting member demonstration has now been postponed to November 2018.  We have an exciting year ahead.  February we will host Pam Weeks from the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM) talking about Antique quilts […]
  • QBS December Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    Ok it’s time to get ready for the holidays but before we do, please remember to finish up on your ruler challenge and bring it to the December meeting.  There will be judging based on your level of experience. We will have appetizers and desserts, along with wine.  It’s a good time to sit and […]
  • QBS November Newsletter is Ready to Download.
    The November Newsletter is promoting our very own Carole Kenny as she presents her talents during a trunk show on November 2nd.  On Saturday, November 4th, Carole will conduct a mystery workshop at the Portsmouth Public Library.  Get ready for the next guild meeting in December by preparing your ruler challenge project.  Create a quilt […]