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Catherine Hawkes (Bristol, RI) "Wool Fan"

Catherine Hawkes (Bristol, RI) “Wool Fan”

Quilters by the Sea is a nonprofit guild dedicated to the art of quilting. The guild originated in the late 1970s with a few quilt lovers gathered around a kitchen table. It has long since outgrown the kitchen and now numbers almost 100 members who meet monthly in Portsmouth, RI.

Our charter pledges to instruct, encourage, and develop the art of quilting, share ideas and experiences, and extend fellowship. Our activities include monthly meetings, workshops, programs like our quilt challenge and boutique of the month, and our biennial quilt show. In addition, our members are committed to community service projects that include creating raffle quilts for a wide variety of community organizations.

We welcome members at all skill levels. If you are new to quilting, our meetings and workshops are a great place to learn. We have monthly quilting bees that are open to all members. The best way to make friends in the guild is to get involved – there are so many ways to volunteer. Talk with anyone on the board or send us an email and we will find a job that is right for you.

See the QBS Constitution for information about our structure and by-laws.

Quilters by the Sea 2019 – 2020 Board

Norma Hogan (Cranston, RI) "Quilters Village"

Norma Hogan (Cranston, RI) “Quilters Village”

President: Elaine Wilson

Vice President:  Susan Rood

Treasurer:  Barbara Saar

Secretary: June House

Membership: Marilyn King-Simoes and Elaine Wilson

Community Service: Jennie Nestlerode and Peggy McCandless

Strips of the Month: Noreen Kissell

Hospitality:  Linda Willoughby and Nancy Landreville

Newsletter: Catherine Hawkes

Programs: Gail Palazzolo

Quilt Show:  Janet Roche and Kristin Meranda

Boutique Item of the Month:  Marla Rusling

Webmaster: Allison Wilbur

Quilt Alliance Videos

Guild member Karen McCann filmed several videos of our members speaking about the early days of the guild and individual members talking about their quilts. Each video is 3 minutes long and has been uploaded to the Quilt Alliance website, which records the stories of quilts and their makers. Click on the links below to watch the videos!

Interview with Sandy Reynolds

Interview with Loretta Krebel

Interview with Shirley Ann Fisher

Interview with Ann Zvanovec

Past Presidents

Founder: Serafina Deascentis

Lillian Lopes

Helen Babcock

Pat Narcizo

Kathy MacKnight

Elaine Nadeau

JoAnn Papademetriou

Loretta Krebel

Carole Kenny

Sara Jane Tirpaek

Barbara Doyle

1999- 2001 Chris Bagley

2001 – 2003 Sonya Perry

2003 – 2004 Mary Ann Troop

2004 – 2005 Elise Pennymaker

2005 – 2007 Agnes Keeney

2007 – 2009 Kathleen Little

2009 – 2011 Nancy Burgess

2011 – 2013 Barbara Gifford

2013 – 2015 Donna Bozeman

2015 – 2017 Ruth Sears

2017 – 2019 Gail Palazzolo