guild activities

There are many ways to get involved. We have openings for our Committees.  For more information please contact us as

Member Activities

  • Hospitality: Karen Bracken and Helen Gibson
  • Sunshine and Shadows: Diane Gouveia / Kathy MacKnight
  • Guild Photographer: Susan Rood
  • NICU Quilt Challenge: Marla Rusling
  • Bee Blocks: Barbara Niekerk

Special/Additional Committees

  • NEQM Liaison: Vacant
  • Nominations: As appointed by President
  • Boutique: Marla Rusling

Standing Committees

  • Community Service: Jennie Nestlerode
  • Membership: Diane Gouveia
  • Programs: Carol Ann Robertson
  • Ways and Means: Vacant
  • Communications
    • Newsletter Editor: Catherine Hawkes
    • Website Design/ Administrator: Carol Ann Robertson
    • Social Media: Jennie Nestelrode
  • Quilt Show: Vacant

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