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Quilt Challenge

There is no 2017 Quilt Challenge.  We are getting ready for our April Quilt Show.  Please see Quilt Shows and then Upcoming Quilt Shows for more information.

 2016 Quilt Challenge Rules

  1. You must use at least some of the 2 Fat Quarters you picked at the January meeting.  You can add other materials as needed.
  2. Maximum size is 24″ x 24″.
  3. “Memory” can be a person, place,thing, experience.
  4. Quilt can pictorial, traditional, abstract, embellished, 3D, your choice
  5. Challenge project must be completed, have a label and due June 2, 2016.
  6. Save a scrap of the 2 Fat Quarters to attach to your entry.


2016 Quilt Challenge Winners

Donna Bozeman

(Tied 2016)

 Louise Rounds

(Tied 2016)