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Quilt Challenge

The Quilted Sweatshirt Challenge – May 2019

Guild members are challenged to create a quilted sweatshirt to display at the show in May 2019. For more info contact Christine Bagley. The rules are:
1. To participate, you will need to create a picture of your naked sweatshirt with your name below it and give it to me by the February 2019 meeting. (Paper or online = ok.)
2. Only one entry per member.
3. Any size, style, gender, color, fiber content sweatshirt. Think Christmas gifts, birthday, etc., but borrow it back for the show!
4. Must include fabric stitched onto the sweatshirt (which counts as the batting & backing).
5. Must be able to be worn.
6. Must be able to hang on a hanger.
7. Name must be inside the sweatshirt but not visible from the outside.
8. Must be turned in by the April 4, 2019, meeting with a copy of the QBS Show Registration Form 2019. Use the regular Quilt Show Entry form and check the box that is labelled: Check if this is a Sweatshirt Challenge. (Can include pattern source, etc., BUT KEEP IT BRIEF!!!)
9. Judging will be done by professional quilters who are NOT QBS members. (NOT ME!!!)
10. The three (3) categories will be: *MOST CREATIVE
*MOST WEARABLE and *BEST QUILTAGE (I use this word to indicate any aspect of our art that most impresses the judges:
piecing, hand or machine quilting, applique, etc.)
11. The sweatshirts will be collected at the April 2019 meeting and taken for judging. I will take the sweat-
shirts — with names and registration forms inside them — after the meeting for judging.
12. After judging, they will be delivered to the show for hanging. At the show, each visitor will be able to cast one vote for their favorite sweatshirt.
13. Three (3) judges’ ribbons (one for each category) and one (1) viewer’s choice ribbon (from show visitors’
votes) will be awarded.
14. Each of the four prizes will be a $25 gift certificate purchased from one of our vendors.
15. No “For Sale” arrangements will be made.
16. We are hoping for 100% participation!!!


 2016 Quilt Challenge Rules

  1. You must use at least some of the 2 Fat Quarters you picked at the January meeting.  You can add other materials as needed.
  2. Maximum size is 24″ x 24″.
  3. “Memory” can be a person, place,thing, experience.
  4. Quilt can pictorial, traditional, abstract, embellished, 3D, your choice
  5. Challenge project must be completed, have a label and due June 2, 2016.
  6. Save a scrap of the 2 Fat Quarters to attach to your entry.


2016 Quilt Challenge Winners

Donna Bozeman

(Tied 2016)

 Louise Rounds

(Tied 2016)