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Strip of the Month

The program goes as follows:  if you would like to participate, bring in two strips 2 1/2″ by width of fabric (selvage to selvage) in the month’s color and/or theme to the monthly meeting   For each strip you bring in you will receive a ticket.  The winning ticket takes home all the strips!

If you have won the strips in the past and have made a project using them, please bring it to a meeting so that we can all get ideas!

Colors of the Month:

September       School’s Open – School Bus, Cheddar, Slate
October            Hispanic Heritage Month – Salsa colors, Peppers, Tomatoes
November        Native American Heritage Month – Cranberries, Corn
December        Winter Holidays – Holiday Fabrics
February          African-American History Month – African Fabric
March               Women’s History Month – Blue, Orange (Rosie the Riveter)
April                  Earth Day – Trees, Grass, Flowers
June                  Flag Day/LGBT Pride Month – Red, White, Blue/Rainbow Colors