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Strip of the Month

Due to its popularity last year, we will again have a Strip of the Month this year.

Bring in: TWO cotton 2 ½” x 42” strips of fabric each month in order to enter to win. Some lucky quilter will go home with dozens of 2½” strips, providing an awesome variety of one single color. What’s not to like?
We will keep it simple. Remember ROYGBIV from Art Class 101?

R = Red for September 2016

O = Orange for October 2016

Y = Yellow for November 2016

G = Green for December 2016

B = Blue for January 2017

I = Indigo (think blue-jean blues) for February 2017

V = Violet for March 2017

Solids for April 2017

Black for May 2017

White for June 2017

Any print, shade, pattern or value of the color is acceptable, as well as bits of other colors. There are many free patterns using these strip sets available online or at your Public Library (search “jelly roll quilts”).

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